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How can I stimulate my vagus nerve

  5 years, 8 months ago


Introduction to The Vagus Nerve

In people with fatigue, food sensitivities, anxiety and gut problems, brain fog and depersonalization, the vagus nerve is almost always at play. These people have lower vagal tone, which means a lower ability of the vagus nerve to activate.

The only question is what aspect of the vagus nerve is malfunctioning and how much the vagus nerve is a problem vs. other aspects of your biology.

The vagus nerve is part of the parasympathetic nervous system, referred to as the rest and digest system. It’s not the only nerve ... ..more


Why is my B12 supplement not working?

  5 years, 10 months ago

Vitamin B12 is one of the most frequently prescribed treatments in chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) yet it is not uncommon
for it to perform poorly or even to have negative effectsthus. Here Fred provides some of the reasons he believes B12 does not sometimes work in ME/CFS

Taking It in Tablet Form- Active b12 is taken as an oral tablet reducing its absorbtion to below 1%. A 1000mcg active b12 oral tablet might bind as much as 10mcg of b12. Again the b12 has to be squeezed through a keyhole that limits the amount and is subject to ... ..more

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What does the Livewello Gene App do?

  6 years, 1 month ago

The Raw Data you receive from 23andMe can be translated by Livewello for a 1-time fee of $19:95. LiveWello is unique because it gives users much more than just a 900 SNP Gene report: LiveWello will give you your report for 600,000 SNPs, AND attaches 11 resources for learning to each Gene.

Updates are FREE for Livewello users: Free updates are crucial as it allows users get their results for new SNPs when 23andMe adds new SNPS to your raw data during their Chip updates. It is also crucial for when new research is added to information about ... ..more

1) Get a Standard Health Report. Go to and upload your raw data gene results file.

How does the Livewello App work with your Genetic Raw Data?

2) Get a Healthcare Practitioner who is qualified and understands Epigenetics.
Share your Report with your Healthcare Practitioner
Since a software application doesn't know your unique symptoms, your other functional lab levels and a host of your other important health variables, it would be unsafe for it to dispense a safe treatment plan without this information. What you'll need next is ... ..more

For most people a Variance report with only 300 SNPs doesn't paint a complete picture.As such, they will need to delve deeper into their genome to figure out what is going on. Most people do not realize that their 23andMe Raw Data comes with 600,000 Disease related SNPs. All of which have research being added to the PubMed Database almost daily. Every Gene in your Livewello Report has a live connection to up-to-date research information from PubMed, SNPedia, WikiGenes, Malacards, GHR, Medline, OMIM, dbSNP, Ensembl and Google Scholar. New information and Research is being added almost daily ... ..more

This Livewello feature helps you find and generate your own results on Genes that Genome wide Research Studies have associated to certain Health Conditions based on research studies.

1) Go to: and enter the name of your health condition. If research has been done on it, the SNPs/Genes and research studies associated with that health condition will pull up.

2) Once it does, click "copy to sandbox" and

3) Click build SNP Template to view your own report.



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What is SNP Sandbox?

  6 years, 1 month ago

The Sandbox tool is for creating an unlimited number of customized Health Reports with your raw data from 23andMe AncestryDNA or most other personal genomics testing companies. You can use it to create a customized report based on any Gene or SNP name you want added to it. It works best once you upload your raw data file.

This tool allows you to add thousands of SNPs of YOUR choice to your Report. You can use it to add SNPs to your Report that are not in your Standard Variance Report. So, if you've received your 23andMe, Ancestry, FTDNA ... ..more

Now that you have your gene variance report, you should find a licensed and experienced health practitioner that will work with you and explain what your genotypes mean for your health. If you do not yet have a practitioner that is experienced in genetics, you can send a private message to one of the self-identified health practitioners in our database:
(Note - These practitioners are not affiliated with Livewello, so you will need to verify their credentials on your own )

Another alternative would be to post general questions in our health community
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