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#Parasites are difficult to detect on tests
Try using a CSA/GI Profile

Supports to address/balance Parasites:
Naturomycin Spray and caps
#MTHFR A1298C caps
#Supplements ..more

Elevated arabinose on OAT/Metabolic test, CONFIRM with CSA/GI Profile
Presence of yeast on CSA/GI Profile
Low gut pH, CONFIRM with CSA/GI Profile

Supports to balance / repopulate GI tract/ decrease yeast:
Rotate probiotics (one each day of the week):
_ #Florastor
_ #Lactobacillus #Plantarum
_ Lactobacillus #Reuteri ( Gut Health or Probiotic drops)
_ Suprema Dophilus
_ Allerdophilus
_ FloraElite
_ #Nutriclean #probiotics
IMF 7 (Immunfactor #7)
Nautromycin Spray
Naturomycin Caps
Stomach pH Balancing Formula RNA
CCK Support RNA
Mycology Support Formula RNA
Buffer pH #supplement
#Yeast ..more

Elevated #glutamate , glutamine, glutamic acid on urine AA test
Elevated aspartate, aspartic acid on urine AA test
Low #GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid) on a urine AA test
Low GABA on a Neurotransmitter test
Elevated quinolinic on OAT/Metabolic Test
Poor eye contact
#Aggressive behavior

Supports to balance Glutamate and GABA:
Nerve Calm Formula RNA
Comfort RNA
Be Calm Glutamate Spray/Gaba Spray
Melatonin Sleep Spray
Progesterone cream- Pro-Gest Body Cream
Grape Seed Extract
Valerian Root
#Lithium Orotate based on UEE levels
Taurine (not for CBS + or SUOX Mutation unless suggested on testing)

#supplements ..more

Calcium below the range of low end normal on a urine essential test
Calcium below the range of low end normal on a RBC element test
High level excretion of lead should check urine calcium levels

Supports to increase Calcium:
Bone Support Formula RNA
MitoForce Compounded Supplement
CoEnzyme Q10 Fatigue & Muscle Support Spray
GSH Capsules
Nettle (In Calm Down-Gaba/Glutamate Spray)
Cal/Mag/VitD/VitK -Calcium & Magnesium Citrates
Don Quai - Max V
Black Cohosh
Prevagen 5mg or less

Elevated calcium relative to magnesium on a urine essential element test
Elevated calcium relative to magnesium on a red blood cell element test

Supports to help address high Calcium:
MitoForce Compounded Supplement
CoEnzyme Q10 Fatigue & Muscle Support Spray
GSH Capsules
Magnesium (Low dose in MetalAway, MTR/MTRR/SUOX and MitoForce)
Boswellia -Ayur Boswellia Serrata (In Inflammation compound-coming)
Zinc (Low dose In NaturoMycin Spray, SeroMood and PeptiMycin)
Paradex (In NaturoMycin Caps)
Don Quai - Max V
Air Power
Black Cohosh
Prevagen 5mg or less ..more

Consistently elevated glucose
Consistently low glucose
Elevated triglycerides
VDR Fok Ff ( -+) or VDR Fok f f (+ +)
Imbalances in pancreatic elastase on a CSA/GI Profile
Imbalances in chymotrpsin values on a CSA/GI Profile
Imbalances in SCFA (Iso-butyrate, iso-valerate and n-valerate) on CSA/GI Profile
Imbalances in LCFA on a CSA/GI Profile

Supports for Pancreatic Health:
Prolongevity Formula RNA
CCK Support Formula RNA
VDR FOK Compounded Supplement
Vita D-Light Spray OR Vitamin D
Special Digestive Enzymes With Each Meal
Red Rice Yeast

Elevated BUN
Urine excretion/detox of metals for prolonged periods

Supports for Kidney Health:
Kidney Support Formula RNA
CBS/NOS Compounded Supplement
#Cranberry Caps (In UltiFend and NaturoMycin Spray & Caps)
#Cranberry Juice -Sweeten with Xylitol or Super Stevia
Curbita Bladder Caps (In NaturoMycin Caps)
#SAM-e (Low dose in Ultimate B, ACAT/BHMT, MethylMax, MethylMate A, and UltiFend)
#ATP -20 (In MitoForce and MTR/MTRR/SUOX)

Elevated AST (SGOT)
Elevated ALT (SGPT)
Elevated alkaline phosphatase (ALP)
Elevated lactate dehydrogenase (LDH)
Elevated #billirubin
Elevated #cholesterol
Elevated triglycerides
Long term chelation with #sulfur based chelating agents
High level excretion of toxic #metals on #fecal tests

b) Supports for Liver Health:
Organ/Liver Support Formula RNA
#MTHFR A1298C+/Liver Support BH4 Compounded Supplement
Ultimate B Complex
Cod Liver Oil -CLO
Shark Liver Oil - Norwegian Shark Liver Oil
#SAM-e (Low dose in Ultimate B, ACAT/BHMT, MethylMax, MethylMate, and UltiFend)
Rosemary (In NaturoMycin Spray, MethylMax, VDR FOK, UltiFend and Vita D-Light Spray)
#Quercetin 500 Plus (In UltiFend and ... ..more

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