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The raw Data results you get from 23andMe contains about 600,000 Genes. 287,00 of them are Disease related and as such have Research references. You get about 40 with the Nutrigenomic with Nutritional components and recommendations.
This is a Sample Standard Livewello 23andMe Gene App Report. This App gives you access to 5 research Databases with each SNP you click on (PubMed, SNPedia, dbSNP Ens ..more

I use methyl b12 because I do well on it. I have not used the form you describe. (In fact, I have heard of adenosyl and hydroxy b12 but not Dibencozide. . .) ..more

If you already have a Gene report and want to check for Genes that are NOT in your report, use the SNP Library and Sandbox:
For example these are Histamine SNPs, click on the link to Auto-generate your results for them: ..more

How to Search the LiveWello SNP Template Library for a SNP that may not be in your Standard 300 SNP Report: ..more

there have been some studies showing higher rates of cancer incidence among those taking folic acid and B12...they don't distinguish between the subjects that have MTHFR and don't's an interesting question Kris Ruth...with one in two people having MTHFR gene mutations, that should be enough to get the folic acid out of the food supply. But we need a massive awareness campaign and lobby ..more

that is exactly what stretch marks look like.. is there something that would help people tell the difference ..more

Wow. What a thread! My serum B6 was a bit over ref range. My OAT showed it to be low. So my doctor thinks I'm not processing or absorbing it. She started me on P5P, but I have to spread my 33 mg of it throughout the day, or else I get jitters and tingly extremities. I'm not sure my OAT was interpreted optimally. My mag RBC was 5.5 before I recently increased supplementation. I know I have some kind of source of lack with zinc, because starting that cured my chronic insomnia. I have brain inflammation ... ..more