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#Livewello SNP Sandbox gets data for SNP name, minor allele, MAF and RefSNP directly from dbSNP:

- If the minor allele is not available on dbSNP, your SNP template will display a '-' in the minor allele column.
- If the SNP name is not available on dbSNP, your SNP template will display a 'SNP?' label in the SNP column.

To verify SNP data manually, go to:

Don't forget to add your rsID after the '=' sign. ..more

Your #Livewello gene variance report is a graphical representation of your genetic raw data, displayed as a color coded chart. You can start learning by reviewing the phenotypes colored as red for homozygous, and yellow for heterozygous. Even though these SNPs appear as "abnormal phenotypes" on your report, this does not necessarily mean that you will manifest the associated disease. It is still a good starting point to learn more about these health conditions that may affect you.

Your report has 5 columns: SNP, rsID, Minor Allele, Genotype and Phenotype. Data in each of these columns has hyperlinks which take ... ..more

In the new gene variance report, you can export your report to a folder in your account, or download it as a PDF to your desktop and print. Just click on the Print button above any report and select your print preferences.

When you print a report from the new #Livewello gene variance app, and you check the option to "Print Gene Definitions", your report will also contain definitions obtained directly from NCBI's Gene database. ..more

You can add as many family members/patients as you'd like to your LiveWello account, by creating new Profiles. To create/add a new profile:
1. Click on the "Profile selector". That's the box to the top left with a photo and name.
2. Click "Add profile", then edit and save.

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To generate a #Livewello gene variance report for someone else, create a new profile for them or have them share their profile with you. Select their profile. Purchase the app for them follow the same process you used in generating your own report. ..more

23andme currently only tests for THREE mutations in these genes. So, even if 23andme says you are normal for all three mutations, you could still have a harmful mutation somewhere else in one of these genes. Any harmful mutation means a person has Hereditary Breast/ Ovarian Cancer Syndrome.

The three mutations 23andme tests for are found mostly in Ashkenazi (Eastern European) Jews. It just happens that these three mutations are easy to test for and are well-studied.

As a general rule, you are hoping NOT to see DI as the genotype at any of your BRCA1/BRCA2 locations. Genotype DI ... ..more

If you get a blank report, you will need to delete your report and repeat the sync process. To do this, scroll to the bottom of the report page and click the "Reset report" button.
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What do you test for?

  5 years, 3 months ago

We don't do any testing at #Livewello, 23andMe does that. When you pay, they send a kit to you to submit a saliva sample. Upon returning it, they give you your genome, which contains hundreds of thousands of genes. What we do at Livewello is provide you with a software application to help you figure out which of those genes have been associated with diseases based on current Medical literature provided by databases like NCBI. In other words, which of them are Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs). Our users typically use this information to work with an experienced, licensed health ... ..more

We update our Gene Variance App quite frequently, and with many exciting tools to help you make the most of your 23andMe report. To learn about these changes as soon as they occur, join our Facebook page: Make sure you click on “Get Notifications”

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#Livewello SNP templates are created by LiveWello users and made available for free use by other LiveWello users.
LiveWello does not endorse or recommend any of these SNP templates. To get feedback on a specific template,
please communicate directly with the SNP template contributor, by using the comment feature located in the SNP template preview page. ..more