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This is happening because when you connect the App with 23andMe, you are selecting a 23andMe profile that does not contain your Raw Data.
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The #Livewello 23andMe Gene App is a software that generates a variance report from their genetic raw data. We are not Health Care Practitioners. We emphasize that our users review their results with a qualified Health Practitioner who is well informed on the intricacies of Genetic testing. The Practitioner can then make personalized recommendations based on the totality of your other Lab results, signs and symptoms ..more

To Submit a Request for assistance from 23andMe: https://customercare.23andm...

Using the 23andMe Kit: https://customercare.23andm...

Genetics 101: https://customercare.23andm...

Understanding 23andMe Raw Data; https://customercare.23andm...

How do I find my raw data ?:  https://customercare.23andm...-

How do I use Browse Raw Data?: https://customercare.23andm...-

What does No call/Not genotyped mean in Browse Raw Data?: https://customercare.23andm...-

Creating a 23andMe account: https://customercare.23andm...

Resetting your password: https://customercare.23andm...

Confirming your account email address: https://customercare.23andm...

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Email, Password, Secret Question issues: https://customercare.23andm...

To ... ..more

#Livewello SNP Sandbox is genome analysis tool that helps you quickly build templates of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, which you can use to analyze your raw data genome.

- If your raw data is from 23andMe, you can use their gene explorer ( to search for SNPs. When you find the SNPs you want, copy and paste them in SNP Sandbox

- Another popular source is SNPedia: a wiki-based bioinformatics web site that serves as a database of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Each article on a SNP provides a short description, links to scientific articles and personal genomics web ... ..more

We don't do any testing at #Livewello. Your personal genomics service such as 23andMe does that. When you pay, they send a kit to you to submit a saliva sample. Upon returning it, they give you your genome, which contains hundreds of thousands of genes.

What we do at Livewello is provide you with a software application to help you figure out which of those genes have been associated with diseases based on current Medical literature provided by NCBI (National Center for Bio-Informatics - In other words, which of them are Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms ... ..more

The #Livewello profile picture placeholder defaults to female. If you've edited your gender under "edit profile" it will change the placeholder of the profile (but not the account placeholder). Your best bet is to upload a picture. ..more

#Livewello takes privacy very seriously, and so we use several different methods to ensure the security of your data:

- Our website use HTTPS ("Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure" ). This is 256 bit data encryption technology through which all information entered on our website is transmitted from your browser to our servers. It is the industry standard also used by Banks. You can verify this by clicking on the padlock sign in your web browser's address bar when you go to

- #Livewello also encrypts all personal identifiable information entered through the website before it is saved to ... ..more

#Livewello uses PayPal for online payment transactions. if you do not have a PayPal account, click on the link labelled "Don't have a PayPal link"  ..more

Go to and click the "Start using app" button.
From the start page, click on "Get genotype from 23andMe" and follow the onscreen directions to generate your 23andMe Variance report.

Take extra care to ensure that you match the profile on 23andMe with the same person's profile on LiveWello. You will need to purchase the App for each person whose Raw Data results you need processed. ..more