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Q:  What should I do after generating my Gene variance report?

ag5zfnJlc291cmNlLXFuYXITCxIGQW5zd2VyGICAgICMwp4KDA Livewello FAQs Question: What should I do after generating my Gene variance report? Answer: does this report give any different info than the others

Once you receive your results from 23andMe, you can use the App to generate a Gene Variance report from your 23andMe Raw Data results, go to
There, you'll find a list of all the features and even a sample report.
Click 'Start using App' to generate your report and the App will do the rest for you.

1. Work with a licensed and experienced Health Practitioner:
If you do not have one, go to this complimentary, user-edited Directory:
Click on the 'Send Email to this Practitioner' link. Then, send them questions about their Practice to see if they match your needs. Make sure you ask around for Practitioner recommendations too.
When you find one, encourage your Practitioner to read this document thoroughly:

2. Do some reading:
This App comes with access to comprehensive Research tools and useful links that will help you understand your 23andMe Results: For example, clicking on the "Gene" column will take you to a summary page with PubMed articles. You can share any of those PubMed Articles in Facebook or Chat Groups to get input from others.
The Summary page of each SNP also has 1-Click access to other Research Tools like Google Scholar, dbSNP, Ensembl, PubMed, SNPedia and YOUR 23andMe Gene Browser!!!

3. Make Notes
Every Gene in your Variance Report and Custom Templates has a "Notes" tab that allows you to annotate your individual SNPs. You can save any information you learn about them, or exchange information with your friends/Health Practitioner:

4. Use the NEW Livewello SNP Sandbox tool to Create and Share Templates
This tool allows you to add hundreds of thousands of SNPs to your Report. Practitioners can also create custom templates for Genes representing disorders in their specialty. Tutorial:

After using SNP Sandbox to create your custom collection of SNPs, you can share them with others (without your personal information of course). To do so, click on the share button and follow prompts.

5. Take advantage of the Livewello SNP Library-->
This is a Library containing ALL the SNP Templates shared by other Livewello Users. Just click on one of the Templates to Auto- Generate a report for yourself or other profiles in your account.
This is an example of a Livewello user's shared SNP Template using Livewello SNP Sandbox: Histamine SNPs:
You can also: Compare 2 SNP Sandbox Reports side by side; Copy a SNP Sandbox template to other profiles in your account.
Everything You Ever Needed to Know About What To Do with Your 23andMe Raw Data Results:

Some popular reading resources our users have shared with us:

Information For your Doctor: http://www.iversongenetics....

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MTHFR Related Health Problems by Stephen Smith M.D.

April Ward-Hauge:

Heartfixer Online Dr. James Roberts:

Pathways to Recovery By Amy Yasko:

Pathways to Recovery By Amy Yasko Workbook:

Metabolic Healing:

Genetic Bypass by Amy Yasko:

Personalized Medicine: Is Genotyping ready for Prime-Time in Psychiatry? Stephen Stahl M.D.

Understanding methylation: a critical life process for optimal health:

Video showing some of the other Livewello Gene App features at work:

Finally, whenever Livewello makes updates to the 23andMe App, the changes are instantly reflected for all existing #Livewello Gene App users. Please keep an eye on these updates by joining us at

ag5zfnJlc291cmNlLXFuYXITCxIGQW5zd2VyGICAgICO15QKDA Livewello FAQs Question: What should I do after generating my Gene variance report? Answer: does this report give any different info than the others

does this report give any different info than the others

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