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It's really easy. Think of a question that you would like to share with other people. Perhaps it's a question that you spent endless hours searching for an answer. Out of the kindness of your heart, you would like to keep others from going through all the stress you went through... all the endless hours on Google and WIkipedia. Finally you have your answer. What do you do next? Come to #resqua, and share you wonderful resource, for all to enjoy! #myhero ..more

Kwame Iwegbue

What is Resqua?

@iwegbue   7 years ago

Resqua, short for "Resource Question & Answer", is a blogging platform that makes it easy to share your knowledge.

Why do you need this?

So there's a question that you've heard asked a lot, and you found it interesting enough that you did some research on it. You might have only had to make a quick Google search or browsed through Wikipedia, to find the answer. But for the really interesting questions, it's more likely that you had to piece the answer together after a bit more leg work - reading research articles, posting follow up questions on private ... ..more

Why wouldn't you want to share what you know
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