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For ridding #biofilms : Blockbuster ALL CLEAR Ingredients:
Serrapeptase 40,000 IU
Nattokinase 1600 FU
Protease 20,000 HUT
Lipase 1500 FIP
Amylase 4000 DU
Cellulase 600 CU
Lactase 1000 ALU
Acerola extract 50 mg
Amla extract 50 mg
Olive Leaf Citrus Blend 230 mg
Trace Mineral Complex (Coral Calcium) 100 mg
Bacillus Coagulans 376,000,000 CFU
Protease S 5 mg
Grapeseed Extract 100 mg
Policosanol 6 mg
Pycnogenol® 10 mg ..more

True Vitamin C does not contain Ascorbic Acid as an ingredient. Also be aware that some vitamin c is corn derived and in that situation you may desire to look for the words organic. There are many different sources that vitamin C can be derived from including Indian Gooseberry or Amla Berry and Acerola.

#VitaminC Indian #Gooseberry or #Amla Berry and #Acerola..more