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The recommendations to work on CBS is b6 active form p5p and molybdenum to balance copper and zinc and help break down excess sulfates. You can get some sulfate strips these ones You want to get your urine sulfates down to at least 800 preferably 400 before adding in methylfolate and methylb12. ..more

By Caledonia

ME/CFS patients are notoriously very sensitive to medicines and supplements. It’s common to have adverse reactions, or to only be able to tolerate small doses.
Newbies are especially prone to taking too large of doses or going too fast. The following explains how to manage such sensitivity.

Start Low and Go Slow

Whenever you start a new medicine or supplement, it is suggested to practice Start Low and Go Slow.

This means starting with very small doses, much less than a normal dose, such as 1/8 of pill. That way, if you're going ... ..more



What is an Excitotoxin ?

  6 years, 7 months ago

#Excitotoxins excite the nerve or brain cell to death.

MSG/Glutamates Please do not attempt to eliminate every last version of #MSG from your diet or you’ll be absolutely insane by the end of the month, it is much too difficult. Just be mindful that there are a lot of hidden ingredients everywhere If a restaurant says they have no MSG in their food, they are almost always referring to the fact that they don’t add MSG to their food but it comes in vats that way already. Also, there are loopholes so that food manufacturers may label ... ..more


MAO-A (Monoamine oxidase A) is a critical enzyme involved in breaking down important neurotransmitters such as serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine. While a homozygous (+/+) mutation is very common, prolonged periods of stress, violence, or trauma can lead to epigenetic changes that further decrease enzyme activity. On the table above, males only have one allele since the gene is inherited through from their mother since it is located on the X chromosome.
Males are more likely to have this mutation, represented on the table as homozygous (+). Only females can be heterozygous (+/-) for this mutation.

When a (+/+) MAO-A mutation is combined with a ... ..more

You wanna work on cbs first because it's an upregulation when you start adding methylfolate and methylb12 and you don't have cbs under control all of the folate and b12 will used up down the cbs pathway instead of being recycled in the methylation pathway. It's a kind of a big balancing act. But once you start finding the right balance and getting better you will start to see the positives. The big ones I use for cbs is b6 active form p5p and molybdenum to balance copper and zinc and help break down excess sulfates. You ... ..more