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What is a Lipid Donor ?

  4 years, 11 months ago

Lipid Donors: Limit for CBS + & NOS +

Foods: High seafood/fish diet
Immune Factors
Any transdermal creams
Lipoceutical #EDTA
Lipoceutical #glutathione
EFA’s: Omega 3’s or #DHA
ALA Idebenone

The goal is to be mindful of accumulating methyl or sulfur donors rather than attempting to limit all of them. Whenever we try to remove everything “bad” in one category, we create imbalances in other categories. The key is balance. For instance, if you love broccoli & garlic yet have the SUOX & CBS defects, just limit the others on the list.
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What does a CBS Gene Mutation mean ?

  4 years, 11 months ago

CBS (cystathionine beta synthase) catalyzes the first step of the transsulfuration pathway, from homocysteine to cystathionine. Dr. Yasko considers addressing CBS mutations as first priority aside from addressing the gut.
This enzyme converts homocysteine to cystathionine. In a separate reaction, cystathionine is then converted to cysteine which in turn goes to taurine or glutathione among other things.

CBS defects are actually upregulations. This means the enzyme works too fast. Therefore, it is common to see low levels of cystathionine and homocysteine since there is a rapid conversion to taurine. This leads to high levels of taurine and ammonia.

The upregulation ... ..more

For some, heavy metals, virus and other toxins and pathogens are a significant factor. As you move through the adding in the foundation and methylation supports, many supports will aid in the release of considerable amounts of mercury, aluminum, virus, and other harmful substances. Still, some have a much higher toxic burden than others and will require more aggressive measures.
Rather than utilizing aggressive methods, apply less intensive measures that will generally accomplish this goal.
Nevertheless, if you have rigorously worked through the protocol and find that you have not reached your goal, this is the time to consider:

Natural ... ..more


What is a CBS C699T Gene Mutation ?

  4 years, 11 months ago

CBS C699T cystathionine beta synthase AKA The Hole in the Bucket. This Priority # 3 Mutation
Tip! It is crucial to address any gut issues before you thoroughly address the CBS defect. Since chronic gut issues lead to higher bacterial loads, thus leading to higher ammonia production as well as leaky gut (reducing nutrient absorption and increased risk for food sensitivity) this area is paramount. You can begin to address the CBS prior to fully addressing gut issues though they should be done in concert. Since the CBS is one of the most important issues to address, I’ve decided to ... ..more

Understandably, human beings adapt much more readily to positive reinforcement, avoiding the negative experiences. While there are many approaches to #detox , experience has shown that it takes commitment on par with taking a seminar or, when really ill, getting through a longer flu or hospitalization. It takes an extensive amount of time, energy, and dedication, which is often extremely difficult for those who work full-time and/or have a difficult time slowing down. Regardless of the strategy, if you relegate the process to moments of “when I get time,” you cannot be successful. Many make the mistake of trying to ... ..more