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Folic Acid vs Folate ?

  5 years, 7 months ago

1. Start eating 'clean'. Organic, non-GMO home made meals should become a priority. Eliminating #gluten and dairy to relieve your body from the burden of processing them should also begin.

2. Avoid taking any extra Folic Acid. There is already a lot of it in the nation's food supply, as it is added to [fortified] to many processed foods. If a person has the #MTHFR mutations then #L-Methyl Folate is the better choice. Choose this #supplement carefully.
Folic Acid will get turned into #Dihydrofolate and will be all gone, except for any more you may eat due to ... ..more

High dose #FolicAcid is the worst thing a person with the MTHFR gene mutation should take.
If a doctor tells a person with the #MTHFR gene mutations to take Folic ACID then that doctor does not really understand anything about the #L-Methyl Folate receptors on the Blood Brain Barrier [BBB]. The doctor does not realize that high dose Folic ACID is just going to block up the L-Methyl Folate Receptors on the BBB. When Folic ACID gets into the L-Methyl Folate Receptors it BLOCKS the receptor and it doesn't get into the brain and neither does the L-Methyl ... ..more

The major problem with unnatural synthetic FOLIC ACID is that when there is more #FolicAcid floating around in the blood stream than the real thing…L-Methyl Folate, then the excess Folic ACID can get stuck in the Folate Receptor Alpha [ #FRa ] receptor sites on the Blood Brain Barrier [BBB].

How the “FOLATE CYCLE” connects to the “ #BH4 TetraHydroBiopterine CYCLE” and how this influences the making of Neurotransmitters: #Melatonin, #Dopamine, #Norepinepherine and #Epinephrine [ #Adrenalin ].

Folic ACID completely blocks up the FRa receptor site on the BBB and the entire complex then has to be completely broken down to be recycled.
ONLY ... ..more

Eating lots of dark green leafy vegetables will be a big benefit as well so we can get some Vitamin B2 [ 3Riboflavin ] which is needed by the #MTHFR Enzyme to have an adequate amount of its co-factor [helper/ Flavin Adenine Dinucleotide [ #FAD ]]

VITAMIN B2 [ #Riboflavin ] is important for the making of #Flavoproteins [FAD] which are cofactors in many biochemical reactions including the biochemical reaction involving the enzyme #MethylTetraHydroFolateReductase [MTHFR] enzyme.

#VitaminB2 is needed to help make FAD which is a cofactor for MTHFR enzyme so that the MTHFR enzyme can better convert #5-10-MethyleenTetraHydroFolate into #L-Methyl Folate.

MTHFR does NOT ... ..more