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High dose #FolicAcid is the worst thing a person with the MTHFR gene mutation should take.
If a doctor tells a person with the #MTHFR gene mutations to take Folic ACID then that doctor does not really understand anything about the #L-Methyl Folate receptors on the Blood Brain Barrier [BBB]. The doctor does not realize that high dose Folic ACID is just going to block up the L-Methyl Folate Receptors on the BBB. When Folic ACID gets into the L-Methyl Folate Receptors it BLOCKS the receptor and it doesn't get into the brain and neither does the L-Methyl ... ..more



  4 years, 6 months ago

The two groups of doctors who are the most likely to know something about the Methyltetrhydrofolate Reductase [MTHFR] enzymatic gene mutation[s] are the OB/GYNs and the Psychiatrists. I would think more Cardiologists would be on top of this topic because of the associated elevated HOMOCYSTEINE levels but they are starting to pay attention. The Geneticists aren't very interested in MTHFR because it isn't lethal or seriously dangerous in and of or by itself.

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