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1). #MTHFR #A1298C + #Liver & #BH4 support
Start at a few crumbs per day and very gradually, go up over several weeks’ time (generally 4-6 weeks). The goal is 1⁄2 to 1 capsule daily ($54.95/60 caps & $29.95/30 caps). This is whether you have the MTHFR A1298C defect or not.

2). Black Bear Spray or Get B12 Spray
Start at 1-2 sprays per day and very gradually work up to 3-5 sprays once or twice daily. A tip for adults who develop headaches with wine, it is very likely that you are sensitive to sulfites and the ... ..more

Red Wine contains RESERVATROL which is GOOD, but the headache is not.
Although it is NOT likely the cause of a headache, there is a trick for getting the sulfite from the potassium metabolite out of your red wine. The free sulfites in wine can dissipate into the air. The simplest way to encourage sulfites to leave your wine is to vigorously splash the wine around.
The “Headache” associated with red wine likely comes from the HISTAMINES, TANNINS and ALCOHOL in the red wine not the sulfites.