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VDR Taq has a minor allele (MAF) of "G":

Here are some studies that reference VDR Taq (rs731236):

"We observed that women with GG (rs731236), ... were characterized by a significant correlation between vitamin D vs testosterone concentration and FAI value. We found a significant correlation between testosterone level and FAI vs vitamin D concentration in men with heterozygote AG in the rs731236 polymorphism"

"The VDR polymorphism, TaqI (rs731236), was associated with a 26 % risk reduction (TT vs. CC, OR 0.74)"

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What does the Livewello Gene App do?

  3 years, 11 months ago

The Raw Data you receive from 23andMe can be translated by Livewello for a 1-time fee of $19:95. LiveWello is unique because it gives users much more than just a 900 SNP Gene report: LiveWello will give you your report for 600,000 SNPs, AND attaches 11 resources for learning to each Gene.

Updates are FREE for Livewello users: Free updates are crucial as it allows users get their results for new SNPs when 23andMe adds new SNPS to your raw data during their Chip updates. It is also crucial for when new research is added to information about ... ..more

1) Get a Standard Health Report. Go to and upload your raw data gene results file.

How does the Livewello App work with your Genetic Raw Data?

2) Get a Healthcare Practitioner who is qualified and understands Epigenetics.
Share your Report with your Healthcare Practitioner
Since a software application doesn't know your unique symptoms, your other functional lab levels and a host of your other important health variables, it would be unsafe for it to dispense a safe treatment plan without this information. What you'll need next is ... ..more

For most people a Variance report with only 300 SNPs doesn't paint a complete picture.As such, they will need to delve deeper into their genome to figure out what is going on. Most people do not realize that their 23andMe Raw Data comes with 600,000 Disease related SNPs. All of which have research being added to the PubMed Database almost daily. Every Gene in your Livewello Report has a live connection to up-to-date research information from PubMed, SNPedia, WikiGenes, Malacards, GHR, Medline, OMIM, dbSNP, Ensembl and Google Scholar. New information and Research is being added almost daily ... ..more

This Livewello feature helps you find and generate your own results on Genes that Genome wide Research Studies have associated to certain Health Conditions based on research studies.

1) Go to: and enter the name of your health condition. If research has been done on it, the SNPs/Genes and research studies associated with that health condition will pull up.

2) Once it does, click "copy to sandbox" and

3) Click build SNP Template to view your own report.



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What is SNP Sandbox?

  3 years, 11 months ago

The Sandbox tool is for creating an unlimited number of customized Health Reports with your raw data from 23andMe AncestryDNA or most other personal genomics testing companies. You can use it to create a customized report based on any Gene or SNP name you want added to it. It works best once you upload your raw data file.

This tool allows you to add thousands of SNPs of YOUR choice to your Report. You can use it to add SNPs to your Report that are not in your Standard Variance Report. So, if you've received your 23andMe, Ancestry, FTDNA ... ..more

Published by Frank Marshall · March 26, 2015 at 2:12pm

The Compare Reports Tool allows you to view and compare up to 5 different people's Gene variance reports side-by-side. Comparing your Gene Reports provides side-by-side comparison with other profiles like the friends or family members in your LiveWello Account.

This tool is for those who have received their Gene results from 23andMe AncestryDNA or almost any other Gene Testing company.

Before you can do this, please make sure that:

--Everyone has generated the same Livewello Gene report you want to compare.

--Everyone has exchanged their "Add-Me" link with each ... ..more

You probably have done your Gene Test for a variety of reasons that may not have included your health. Did you know that your Gene results contain information about mutations that research has associated with certain health issues? This information can include your potential risk for certain health conditions. Of course, we always advise that any information our software provides for you is discussed with your Doctor but it is important to maximize the information in your Gene results. Read: Methylation: Why It Matters For Your Immunity, Inflammation & More

6 Ways A DNA Test Can Help You Optimize Your Diet

Matching Genes and Vitamins. A Personalized Plan May Be in Your Future

Why would you need to run a Genetics test?

LiveWello is unique because it gives you much more than just a Gene report: The Livewello Gene App will give you Gene reports for 600,000 SNPs and conveniently attaches 12 resources for learning to each Gene. The App also offers free updates that reflect your results when 23andMe adds more SNPs to your raw data. The reason for this feature, is that we believe that people should have information for all the Genes in their Raw Data not just some of them. That way, you and your Heallthcare Practitioner can have the benefit of all this information when creating your treatment plan. Basically, as long as a SNP is in your Raw Data with rsID and Minor Allele, the App will generate your Gene Report for it.
So, how does the Livewello App work ?
1) Download your Raw Data from 23andMe, or FTDNA etc. Save it to your desktop.
2) Go to the home page at:
On that page, you can learn more about our genetics tools. Then, click the "Get Started" button to upload your raw data and pay the 1-time fee of 19:95. The raw data file you upload into the App should not be altered in any way. i.e. Do not edit the file name, file format or contents.
3) Livewello currently gives you unlimited Health reports for about 600,000 SNPs in your Raw Data. Once you’re done with uploading your raw data, you can start generating your Health Reports with these free tools:
a) The Gene Library is searchable and has thousands of FREE Health Reports you will find helpful and can download:
It is designed to give your health reports on Genes that Research Studies have associated with your health issues and Diagnosis. Share your reports with your Doctor. These Gene Reports could be good indicators that your Doctor may need to order further lab/diagnostic testing. As a Livewello Gene App user, you can install as many Gene Reports as you'd like. There is no limit!

b) The GWAS Health Conditions Tool
If you don’t see Gene Reports about your health issues in the Gene Library, use this tool:
It will give you health reports on Genes that Research Studies have associated with your health issues and Diagnosis:

To use the GWAS Health Conditions Tool go to
i. Simply enter the health condition's name to see if any Genome-wide studies have been done on that condition. If studies exist, as you type, results will come up. Click on the result that matches your search.
ii. Click on "copy to SNP sandbox" and
iii. Click "build template" and "view report" to generate a report for yourself.
c) The SNP Sandbox Tool Use it to create customized Gene Reports based on any Gene or SNP names you choose to have in it. How-To Video:
MTHFR Gene SNPs ... ..more


A Standard Gene Report with information looks like this: This sample contains some useful info worth sharing with your Doctor.

1) When your Gene report is created, click the Gene itself (or the "i" icon in a Template). Livewello will link 12 Learning Resources directly to each of the Genes in your report. They are: Medline, GHR, Google Scholar, dbSNP, Ensembl, Wiki Genes, SNPedia Wiki Genes, Malacards and PubMed. If the info is not readily available, re-enter your gene name or health condition into that resource's search box to check if any further information is ... ..more


MTHFR C677T and A1298C…how they don't work correctly By Carol Savage

MTHFR C677T...METHYLATION CYCLE...Epigenetics [SAMe and methylation of our DNA]

The MTHFR C677T snps causes the enzyme to be unable to utilize the cofactor FAD/FADH2 properly. The snp mistake [C677T] causes the enzyme to be temperature labile. As a result, the cofactor FAD disengages and subsequently L-Methyl Folate [5-MTHF] cannot be made. So, MTHFR C677T interferes with the forward action of the MTHFR enzyme and subsequently interferes with the conversion of Homocysteine into Methionine and the making of SAMe.

L-Methyl Folate is most beneficial to ... ..more

MTHFR and L-METHYL FOLATE… Some Basic Information By Carol Savage M.D.

If you have the MTHFR Gene Mutations C677T and or A1298C and are already taking some L-Methyl Folate [5-MTHF] and Vitamin B12 you might also consider the following:

FOOD Eat plenty of Green Vegetables and beans to get some Dihydrofolate [DHF] and Vitamin B2 [Riboflavin] and many other naturally occurring minerals and vitamins that the body needs etc.

DIHYDROFOLATE [DHF] Dihydrofolate is needed to provide the earlier FOLATE PATHWAYS [the reactions that occur prior to the MTHFR enzyme] with the kinds of folates that they need in order ... ..more

Trying to find your results on the BRCA Genes tested on by 23andMe? Here's an easy way to check your BRCA1/BRC2 results:

 23andme currently only tests for THREE mutations in these genes. So, even if 23andme says you are normal for all three mutations, you could still have a harmful mutation somewhere else in one of these genes. Any harmful mutation means a person has Hereditary Breast/ Ovarian Cancer Syndrome. 

The three mutations 23andme tests for are found mostly in Ashkenazi (Eastern European) Jews. It just happens that these three mutations are easy to test for and are ... ..more


How to find a Gene or SNP in Livewello

  4 years, 6 months ago

Whenever you need to find a SNP/Gene, first search the Gene Library at:
As long as a SNP is in your Raw Data with an rsiD, LiveWello will have it. Livewello comes with 600,000 SNPs!!!

If it's not in the library, use SNP Sandbox: 
Sandbox customizes Gene reports based on a Gene Name or any combination of SNPs. You can then share your template to the Gene Library and click “view report” to see your results for the SNPs in that Template.

EXAMPLE of Template built with SNP Sandbox ... ..more


What are RefSNP Alleles?

  4 years, 7 months ago

RefSNP alleles are the alleles submitted by genetic researchers for a particular SNP. for example CBS C699T has RefSNPs A/G. This means that the researcher found A on one chromosome strand and G on the other, at the gene location for CBS C699T.

RefSNP Alleles for a particular gene location in a genome build, are submitted to dbSNP by multiple genetic researchers. Each SNP will usually only have two RefSNP alleles. When different researchers submit conflicting information about RefSNP alleles, then it is possible for more than 2 alleles to be listed for one SNP, making it more difficult ... ..more

The plus (+) and minus (-)signs indicate the presence or absence of a mutation at a SNP. The signs are not arranged in any particular order. The only way to tell which is from which parent, is to compare your genotype with the genotype from both parents. If you are +/- for a SNP and your mother is +/+, then it means your father must be -/-

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What is GWAS?

  4 years, 9 months ago

Genome wide association studies as a methodology for studying complex genetic traits in humans - successes and limitations
Genome Wide Association Studies were first proposed in the mid-1990s as a way to study association between human genetic polymorphisms and complex, multigenic traits. Rather than measure all genetic variation present in each individual, approximately one million Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) are assayed as genetic landmarks, and scored for association with the trait of interest. Based on linkage disequilibrium, genes in close proximity to associated SNP landmarks are potential candidates for further investigation.

This technique is well-suited to identify susceptibility genes that are ... ..more