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PCOS or a genetic defect called Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Late on set. Sufferers may need these tests:
- OH-Progesterone,
- OH - Pregnenolone,
-11 Deoxycortisol ,
-Cortisol (plasma)  ( all of these are tested before 8 -8:30 AM).

-Free and total Testosterone,
-Aldosterone/Renin ratio, .
- A saliva cortisol test ( NeuroScience)

Get thyroid tests:
FREE t3,
Reverse T3,
TSH and all antibodies
Perhaps about half of PCOS women carry a CAH gene defect that no one tests for that can be fixed.
Visit to get info. ..more

From: http://www.stopthethyroidma...
"As explained well in the revised STTM book, which you should have on hand and bookmarked at the doctors office. The book is in English, Spanish, German and Swedish.

TSH: for diagnosis of hypopituitary, NOT to diagnose or dose your hypothyroidism (unless it’s high). If you allow a doctor to diagnose or dose you by this lab test and range i.e. to say you are normal simply because it’s in range or below 10…you’ll could still be hypothyroid.
Free #T4 and Free #T3 (note the word “free”–important since it measures ... ..more

Many enzymes are dependent upon Selenium as a helper.
Rec: Selenium #Supplement 200 mcg/day

Selenium gets depleted when mercury levels are high.
One selenium molecule can sequester [grab up] 5-10 molecules of mercury. If Selenium is all bound up with Mercury then it will not be available to assist enzymes for proper thyroid function.

Avoid eating the fatty parts of deep sea fish where the Mercury tends to locate. For example cut away the fatty strip of Sward Fish and do not eat that.

MOST of the conversion of #T4 into #T3 and reverse T3 [rT3] occurs in ... ..more