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Diabetes and Glaucoma: A New Perspective

A study at the University of Michigan found people with diabetes have a 35% higher chance of having Glaucoma than people who do not. The study went on to say the reason for the higher rates of glaucoma in diabetics is “unknown.” My purpose for writing this article is to explain the nutritional reasons that diabetes and glaucoma often go hand in hand.

Before going further, let me state this very clearly: The purpose of this article is to provide education. Both diabetes and glaucoma are serious ... ..more


Can Autism be prevented or reversed ?

  4 years, 4 months ago

Yes: A world-leading neurologist has found autism can be prevented if parents make a series of lifestyle changes.

Paediatric neurologist and Harvard University assistant professor Dr Martha Herbert has been studying the disorder for 16 years.

#Autism study gives hope for #cure :

Autism 'patchwork' could begin during #pregnancy :

She believes it all starts with the mother’s health before pregnancy.
“There are #genetic contributors, but it looks like environment is playing a big role,” she told 7News.

“Watch out for household products with #toxins … you’re just going ... ..more