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A health village is a group of people involved in your health and wellbeing. They can be family members, friends, teachers, mentors, neighbors and of course your healthcare practitioners. Once you identify them, consider creating a health village by getting a free livewello health acc at: 
Then, add each of these people as your health village members. . With your permission, anyone who is your health village member can add/edit supplements, medications etc. This is helpful if for example, your Dr is a member of your health village.

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1) First, Download your Raw Data from your 23andMe account
2) Log into
3) Click "Delete"
4) Check the box to "Delete Standard Report" If you already had a Raw Data file, check that box too.
5) Upload the new Raw Data File you downloaded from 23andMe.  

For more FAQs go to:

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What is Epigenetics?

  6 years, 7 months ago

You are getting this error because you are trying to print a report that was not completely generated. To fix this, go back to the report page, scroll to the bottom of the page, click “Delete”, and then follow the on screen directions the step by step instructions in this video on how to use the App:
Repeat the sync process. Remember that the sync process requires 2 round-trips to 23andMe in order to fetch all the SNPs.
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To do this, paste the mRNA accession number into the "Search by disease name" search field. You will get a prompt telling you how many SNPs we're found matching your search query. Note that not all of them will have a minor allele value on dbSNP. SNP Sandbox will only allow you to use SNPs with a minor allele value.
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To generate 23andMe reports for someone else, create their profile or have them share their profile with you. Select their profile, click on the "Apps" tab and 23andMe App. Purchase the app for them and follow the on-screen directions to generate their report.

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You can find these by using the SNP Template Library:
Tutorial on creating a SNP Template:


If you have run your report and you get a blank report, the reason is that you may have multiple profiles in your 23andMe account and you have synced with one that does NOT have Raw Data attached to it.
Please log into your 23andMe account to figure out which profile has the Raw Data attached to it. If there are any other profiles in your account without Raw Data results, please remove them or edit the name so that it is more obvious. If you have already run your report and you have this issue, please contact our support ... ..more

If you get a blank report, you will need to delete your report and repeat the sync process. To do this, scroll to the bottom of the report page and click the "Delete" link. Then follow the on screen directions to re-sync with your 23andMe raw data.

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Choosing a Practitioner is a very personal decision. Livewello provides a complimentary, user-edited Directory:
Click on the "send email to this practitioner" link and send them all a standard email asking them questions about their Practice to see if they match your needs. You should be able to find someone you can work with, once they reply.
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The reason 23andMe does not recognize the rsID is because Livewello SNP Sandbox searches dbSNP for every single SNP in the medical literature, that matches your search term. As you know, there are over 10 million known SNPs. 23andMe on the other hand, only recognizes a fraction of these SNPs.
In order for you to only fetch SNPs that 23andMe will definitely recognize, you should get the rsIDs you need directly from 23andMe. Here’s how:
1. Go to
2. Enter the gene that you're looking for into the search box labelled "jump to ... ..more

We update our Gene Variance App quite frequently, and with many exciting tools to help you make the most of your 23andMe report. To learn about these changes as soon as they occur, join our Facebook page: Make sure you click on "Get Notifications"

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After using SNP Sandbox to create your custom collection/template of SNPs, you can share them with others (without sharing your personal information of course). To do so, click on the share link to be taken to the SNP Templates library where you can add your template. After contributing your template to the library, you can share a link to it by clicking on the "Share this resource" button.
This is an example of a SNP Template shared by a LiveWello user using SNP Sandbox:
Histamine SNPs:
Yasko Nutrigenomic Panel SNPs:
Here ... ..more