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What is Sympathetic

  4 years, 11 months ago

SNS Dominants, AKA “Type A” – Otherwise known as “Carbo types”, “Slow oxidizers” & “Sympathetic dominant”. This simply means that they slowly break down meals (whole grains, fruits, veggies & lean proteins) in order to obtain the necessary energy required for their more active lifestyles. Food may sit “like a rock” in their guts so that they remain full much longer than they should. They generally have weak appetites (forgetting to eat at times) and a high tolerance for sweets. They are often "type A" personalities who may be dependent on caffeine. When not functioning optimally, they may feel agitated, "wired" or "on ... ..more


Acetylcholine is known as the inhibitory #Neurotransmitter System
The first #neurotransmitter to be discovered in 1921. Its’ importance lies in the fact that it stimulates muscles to contract. This NT alters heart muscle contractions and impacts muscle function throughout the body. It’s also strategic in vocalizations/ #speech and #swallowing . Acetylcholine is critical for #attention , #alertness , and #memory . People with #Alzheimer’s , #Parkinson’s , #ALS , and #Myasthenia Gravis have substantial #dysfunction within acetylcholine activity or breakdown.

Low levels are associated with #depression , and a lack of #concentration & #emotion as well as poor #muscle tone, #forgetfulness , and poor #sleep “light sleepers ... ..more