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Kwame Iwegbue

What is Bitcoin?

@iwegbue   6 years, 11 months ago

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system introduced as open source software in 2009. The digital currency created and used in the system is alternatively referred to as a virtual currency, electronic money, or a cryptocurrency because cryptography is used to control its creation and transfer. ..more


#Livewello takes privacy very seriously, and so we use several different methods to ensure the security of your data:

- Our website use HTTPS ("Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure" ). This is 256 bit data encryption technology through which all information entered on our website is transmitted from your browser to our servers. It is the industry standard also used by Banks. You can verify this by clicking on the padlock sign in your web browser's address bar when you go to

- #Livewello also encrypts all personal identifiable information entered through the website before it is saved to ... ..more

For the sake of our users' security and privacy, Livewello recently changed the way 23andMe Gene reports are generated. So what does this mean? It means two things:
Firstly it is simpler: Users no longer have to go and download their entire raw data and then upload it into the App in order to generate their Variance report. Your Raw Data file contains your entire genomic information which can be used to determine a lot of other information about you besides your mutations.

We redesigned Livewello to only request from 23andMe, the specific SNPs needed by the owner and user ... ..more

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